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Title: I wanna donate.
Post by: R-Dizzle on January 02, 2016, 06:01:34 PM
hey yea i wanna donate but like this : if u know steam( i play csgo and i have some skins... i would like to dont them.. each skin has its own value.. the values of the skins can be checked at steam market( so yea....

*donate them :P they each have a value and currency = $ :)
Title: Re: I wanna donate.
Post by: [YG]Hooman on January 02, 2016, 06:16:39 PM
You can't use any other stuffs in order to donate to this server cause it won't be called donation , it's an exchange actually , managements has completely explained the ways you can donate
You have to donate ( if you are interested to ) to this server via PayPal , you can find out more in this link :
You can try to sell those stuffs that you have in your online games and earn the wanted money and easily donate it to wherever you want .

and here is the prices and the things you would get after each donation .

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