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« on: March 08, 2021, 11:14:34 AM »
Here are the steps for connecting to YGG server using a andriod device:

1.Download the samp client from the google playstore(App name:SA-MP Launcher, link:

2.Open the SA-MP Launcher app and install the cache/obb file of sanandreas as they request to

3.Select "SERVERS"tab-This will load all the hosted samp servers

4.Click the "FAVOURITE" tab-{This is to add a server in your favourite list.} Then select "ADD SERVER"

5.Enter the server IP address: into the box shown and click "ADD SERVER TO FAVOURITES"

6.You can see in the YGG server in the favourite list

7.Select the YGG server and Enter you Registered Name and press PLAY

ENJOY !!!!!
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Nice job  :)
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Thank you, HeDge!

Very nice work ^^
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Good job Hedge :)

Don't waste your time by PMing me, for f**k sake i wont reply :)