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[nM] Clan Rules & Requirements
« on: September 12, 2021, 12:25:57 AM »


You must have skills in Sawn-off, Desert Eagle & Sniper.

 You must have spent at least 48 hours in-game.

 You must be fairly active in forum & in-game.

 You must have at least 1000 score in-game.

 You must make events often to entertain players.

 You must be honest & helpful.

 You must not use illegal modifications to gain unfair advantage in-game.

 You must obey Server, Forum & Clan rules.

 Note: If you are caught breaking rules or cheating you may get kicked out of [nM] Clan, also get banned from YGG Server & Forum.


Updates date will be mentioned in the thread, it is your responsibility to stay up to date with rules.

Treat every [nM] Clan Members and Non-Clan Members with respect. Absolutely no harassment, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

Don't kill [nM] Clan Members outside deathmatch on purpose.

Non-Clan Members aren't allowed to vote for [nM] Clan Applicants if they do so their comment will be removed.

[nM] Clan Members are allowed to vote for the applicant regarding to their recent good or bad behaviour.

[nM] Clan Members must use the signature given to them.

It's Clan Leader's decision when to accept/deny your [nM] Clan Application, be patient.

Application should follow the provided format, or else your [nM] Clan Application will be rejected.

If caught using illegal modification/cheats while your Application is pending, your [nM] Clan Application will be rejected.

Don't apply if you don't meet the requirements to join [nM] Clan.

Don't use [/img] for your stats in your [nM] Clan Application, provide link.

If your [nM] Clan Application is rejected, you can re-apply after a week.

You may not be in any other Clan while being a member of [nM].

Don't reply to your [nM] Clan Application unless you have permission from the clan leader.

Once you are a member of [nM] Clan, it is mandatory to have [nM] tag in your name.

Provide information about how to join [nM] Clan if a person wants to join the Clan.

You will be kicked out of [nM] Clan after getting several warnings.

Once you choose to quit or get kicked from [nM] Clan, you can't rejoin.

Don't post anything off topic.

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