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Red Devils - How to Join | Updated 25/01/18
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Red Devils "RD" was co-founded by Cobra and BinGo back in 2011. At the time, YG Gaming was using 0.3c server. We did not had intentions of running this clan, instead we simply created it for ourselves but later we decided to run the clan. Sadly, Bingo left the server in 2012 and since then only Cobra has been managing the clan alongside a few moderators that are/were JoKeR, Lordz & Robert. Currently, RD only accepts professional players in clan to maintain its reputation and respect. RD was the first clan to be an 'official' clan of YG Gaming, and since than it has maintained this position. RD clan is currently being entirely moderated by Cobra (Blue).


* You must have spent at least 35 hours in-game.
* You must not have a long history of punishment.
* You must be fairly active on the server, and be up-to-dated with RD affairs.
* Minimum K/D ratio of 1.30
* Minimum 1500 score
* You must have special skills in Sawn-off & Tec-9(UZI).
* You must not have bad reputation in your previous gang/clan.


* It is mandatory to have [RD] tag in-game, however, it is not necessary to have [RD] tag on the forums. It's up to you!
* You may not be in any other clan while being a member of RD, not even in [YG].
* You are not allowed to underestimate other members of RD by any mean.
* Once you leave/quit RD, you will not be able to return unless granted permission from a rank 4 or above RD member.
* Killing RD members unless dueling and annoying them will be counted as abuse and will result in being warned/kicked from the clan.
* Do NOT spam your thread with replies, we see your application but it will take time to process your application.
* Anyone can post in RD section, making sure they don't go off-topic.
* If your application is rejected, you can re-apply after 7 days (1 week) from the date of your application.
* Application format must be as same as mentioned, otherwise your application will be automatically rejected.
* Updates date will be mentioned in the thread subject, it is your responsibility to stay up to date with rules.


Code: [Select]
[center][b][u][size=18pt][font=times new roman]Application[/font][/size][/u][/b][/center]
- [b]Nick:[/b]

- [b]Shooting skills:[/b] x/10

- [b]Sawn-off shotgun & Tec-9 (UZI) Skills:[/b] x/10, x/10

- [b] M4, AK47 and MP5 Skills:[/b] x/10

- [b]Time spent in server (in hours):[/b]

- [b]Have you read and do you agree to follow all the rules?:[/b]

- [b]Rate your English skills out of 10:[/b]

- [b]Why do you want to join RD?:[/b]

- [b]Previous Clan:[/b]

- [b]Screenshot of stats (post image link only):[/b]

- [b]Have you defeated any of RD member in a one on one match?:[/b]



- Nick: Cobra

- Shooting skills: 6/10

- Sawn-off shotgun & Tec-9 (UZI) Skills: 6/10, 7/10

- M4, AK47 and MP5 Skills: 7/10

- Time spent in server (in hours): 368 Hrs.

- Have you read and do you agree to follow all the rules?: Yes

- Rate your English skills out of 10: 8/10

- Why do you want to join RD?: * explain here

- Previous Clan: None

- Screenshot of stats (post image link only): * link here

- Have you defeated any of RD member in a one on one match?: Yes, Joker.
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