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Unban Request
« on: May 31, 2013, 06:04:10 AM »
-Ban evading may decrease your chances of having your ban removed, and you may never be able to access your account with stats again.
-Be sure to read Server Rules & Forum Rules carefully before breaking any of them ever again .

You must post your request in the following format:

Code: [Select]
[b]- Nick: [/b]
[b]- Admin who banned you: [/b]
[b]- Reason: [/b]
[b]- Why should we unban you?: [/b]
[b]- Have you read Server & Forum rules ?[/b]
[b]- Additional information:[/b]


- Nick: [YG]Odedara
- Admin who banned you: YM[YG]
- Reason: Health hack
- Why should we unban you?: *explain here*
- Have you read Server & Forum rules ?: Yes
- Additional information: No

*The requests which are not following this format will be ignored!

Explanation of common ban reasons:

HH = Health Hacks
WH = Weapon Hacks
SH = Speed Hacks
AB = Air Break


-Do NOT spam or try to bump your topic!
-Do NOT contact any admins regarding your unban request.
-Do NOT copy appeals from others.
-Do NOT lie in your appeal.
-Do NOT reply to your appeal unless you are being asked / someone posted wrong info about you.
-Do NOT create more than 1 appeal at the same time.
-If your application is denied, you may re-apply after 7 days.
-If you have been permanently banned, you may re-apply after 1 month from your last application ( that doesn't guarantee you would be accepted , unless we see some real changes in your behavior)
-As a result of your actions, your stats (along with your prop/house/vehicles) might get reset.

Note : Only admins may post their opinions on this section! Regular players may not reply in others' unban requests unless they are asked to.
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