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How to install Mods
« on: January 31, 2021, 08:15:21 PM »

There are several methods to install Mods .

Method 1

You can download either the autoinstaller or the archive with files . for the first one

1. Download the autoinstaller for your Mod.

2. Extract the zip folder and open the installer.

3. Choose the directory of your SAMP and select install.

4. Mod is ready to be used

**Some autoinstallers might contain viruses , be careful

Method 2

1. Download Mod Loader v0.3.7 : "Click Here"

2. Extract the zip folder into your game's directory

3. Each Mod includes .dff and .txd files , inside modeloader's folder just create a random folder for each Mod and copy paste it's .dff and .txd files .

4. Mod is ready to be used

To be updated ...
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