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YoUnG Generations - v9.3.1
« on: February 27, 2021, 02:30:12 AM »
YoUnG Generations Gaming  - v9.3.1


Gameplay balancing
- Vehicle boosting, jumping, repair and flip is no longer possible if a player has wanted level. This is done so that players can have a better experience of police pursuit.
- Law enforcement agents can no longer cuff innocent players (players with zero wanted level).
- Law enforcement agents if committed any crime, can be cuffed and arrested by other law enforcement agents. Such agents cannot arrest other players either.
- Increased cash for arrests. More the wanted level, more the cash earned during successful arrest.

Other changes
- Changed YG 24/7 from "bank" to "shop". You can teleport to 24/7 using /shop or /teleshop instead of /telebank.
- 24/7 store can be robbed using /robshop.
- Command /gotobank now has an alias /bank.
- Arrest now has special animations and camera angles.

Bug fixes
- Arrest bug fixed where players were not able to see the remaining time left.
- Arrested players will now be located only on Las Ventures Police Department prison cells. You can teleport there using /policedept or /sapd.


Wanted Level  and Law Enforcement Changes
- Killing outside DM is now considered as a crime and will increase your wanted level.
- Officers can now easily cuff players by using the key that is configured to LOOK BEHIND. By default this is done using MMB (middle-mouse-button)
- More money when arresting a player with higher wanted level.
- /wlist now shows wanted level for each wanted players.
- Law Enforcement Agents can now teleport to San Andreas Police Department using /policedept or /sapd

Bank System Changes
- Increased /emptydeposit money.
- Increased robbery auto-jail time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. This should give more time to empty deposits.
- Hacking and planting bomb on bank will now increase wanted levels. Planting bomb will have more effect than time-locking.
- Emptying each deposit now adds to one wanted level.

Casino and ATM Machine Robbery
- Increased robbery reward for Casino and ATM machines.
- Casino and ATM machines can now be robbed more than once. Their lockdown time period is 20 and 10 minutes respectively. After the lockdown period is over, any player with no wanted level should be able to perform a robbery attempt.
- Failed robbery attempts will no longer set Casino or ATM machines to lockdown. It will only increase player's wanted level.

NEW Race
A new race named "Fargo" has been added considering the giveaway event which will be held on 27th of February, 2021 @ 7PM UTC.

Waypoint System
- Waypoint marked on map will automatically mark a waypoint map icon to all players who were in the same vehicle.
- /clearwaypoint can be used to clear the waypoint that's marked by other player.
- It is possible to have atmost 2 waypoints in radar. One being yours and the other marked by another player.

Other changes
- Killing spree now rewards with MORE cash, cookies and cakes!
- Added command /ammo, /ammu or /guns which will teleport you to ammunation.
- Added measures to help avoid death-evading.
- /rape command will no longer be on our server. Instead, you can make use of /spank command.
- /cd will now show count to players nearby the initiator only.

Major BUG Fixes
- Fixed temporary vehicles disappearing when one among the passenger leaves. Now, vehicle will disappear only if it is kept unoccupied for few seconds.
- Fixed lag at main spawn. This has caused some players to desync earlier but it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

YoUnG Generations Team!

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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.0
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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.0
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2021, 03:08:44 AM »
Well done! Keep up the good work ^^
Proud to be a RD member.

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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.1
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Updated with v9.3.1.

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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.1
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Amazing improvements.
Also, we'd like to thank the admins for helping testing the new features.

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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.1
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Great update. It's nice to see YG online.  :)

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Re: YoUnG Generations - v9.3.1
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