Author Topic: [INFO] Country Issues when Donating (SOLUTION)  (Read 252 times)

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Country Issues when Donating (SOLUTION)
« on: May 01, 2022, 09:20:19 PM »


a Tutorial of how to donate if you encountered this problem when you want to donate

Short Introduction
       Actually i'm making this topic because i encountered this problem myself and after a little research regarding to this problem, i found out that i'm not the one that facing the same problem, instead most people from South East Asia (SEA) and any other country near the region also facing the same problem. Furthermore i found an information about people that have complained regarding this problem to the Paypal customer service  but  none of them get an answer nor a solution about this. So if you are from SEA or any other Countries and willing to donate but facing the same problem, please follow the step below.

         The solution is quite easy and simple, for you who can't transfer money through DONATION button in the forum, you can still manage to transfer your donation money  manually from Paypal Web or Paypal Apps and send the money to Management/Young_Money Paypal Email Address.
Here are the step by step for you who still don't know how to DONATE or still confused on how to DONATE:

1. The first step is you need to login to your paypal account in Paypal Web or Paypal Apps, Then you click on Send and Request (WEB version) or SEND (Apps)

2. The second step is you need to enter the Management/Young_Money Paypal Email Address
Note: i entered example email due to privacy issue, you can ask the Management for their Paypal Address if you are willing to Donate.

3. The third step is enter the amount of money depends on which VIP status you want to get, example Silver VIP donation then you enter $4.99 amount, and then dont forget to check/click the payment options as Paying for Items and Services since the Management only receiving that kind of payment options
Note: if you didn't follow this step then your payment would be failed and you'll need to click retry and change the payment options.

4. Finally the last step, your payment will be shown like this and don't forget to recheck the amount of money you want to send, the receiver address, and don't forget to give a note example: ReDslayer Silver Donation

After following all the step and your payment is successfull don't forget to take a screenshot or copy the transaction ID as a proof for your donation, and then you can confirm to the Management or Young_Money through in-game, forum, discord.
Note: Do not spam for confirmation to get your status, you just need to confirm it once and then wait patiently for your donations to be confirmed and your status to be set either in forum,  in-game, or discord.

Please feel free to PM me through forum, discord, or in-game if u have any further question or need a guidance about donating to YGG, and also you can ask any Management, Administrator, VIPs, regarding to this.

I Hope this will help every players to make a donation to the server, thank you for reading and paying attention!  ;D  Best regards, ReDslayer.
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Re: Country Issues when Donating (SOLUTION)
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2022, 03:51:07 PM »
Well explained, good job.

Don't waste your time by PMing me, for f**k sake i wont reply :)