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GTA:SA Launch errors
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:51:05 AM »
Here you can find some solutions for public error you might face while launching SAMP.

"Main problems"


If you are having issues with your game, the first step should always be to remove any mods you have installed, if any.
Mods can cause a wide range of unpredictable problems, and it's best to get rid of all your mods before asking for help, just so you know whether or not the problem is the mods or something else.

Reinstall the game.

"GTA San Andreas requires at least DirectX 9 or above"

When you try to launch the game, sometimes you will be greeted with this error message.
This occurs because you're running on a modern OS, and DirectPlay is disabled. DirectPlay is a part of DirectX, however it is old and deprecated, so a modern OS will typically have it disabled by default, which causes this problem.


    1.Press Windows Key + R to open the Run... menu
    2.Type OptionalFeatures.exe and hit enter
    3.In the window that opens, find Legacy Components and expand it (+)
    4.Under Legacy Components, tick DirectPlay
    5.Click OK

If DirectPlay isn't listed under Legacy Components, tick the entire Legacy Components folder, which should have the same effect. If you do this, make sure the box contains a tick, and not a square.

If you can't enable DirectPlay due to an error occuring whenever you try to enable it, enable .NET Framework 3.5 (at the top of the list of features). You may have to restart your computer after doing this. Once it's enabled, you should also be able to enable DirectPlay.

After performing the steps described above, your game should launch correctly.

"Nothing happens when I launch the game / the game crashes when launching "

If nothing happens when you launch the game, or it crashes on one of the loading screens leading up to the main menu, you issue is likely due to a corrupted settings file.

The settings file likes to get corrupted if the game closes unexpectedly, e.g. game crash, bluescreen, Alt+F4, killing the game's process, etc. It can also happen when playing with different versions. For example, you have a chance of running into this problem if you downgrade to v1.00 after playing with the Steam version, or vice-versa.

Open the GTA San Andreas User Files folder, and delete gta_sa.set. By default, this folder is in your documents.

If this solution didn't help, or the GTA San Andreas User Files folder isn't in your documents, check the following directory instead: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents.

After deleting this file, your game should work.

"Physics act broken / Cutscenes cause crashes / Unable to swim / Driving school is impossible / Unable to move while shooting "
The game is designed to run at 25/26 FPS. If you are using the retail version, you should run the game at exactly 25 FPS at all times. If you are using the Steam version, you should play at 26 FPS.
As the framerate increases, the game will experience more and more bugs, seemingly unrelated to framerate.

To fix this problem, enable the frame limiter in the game settings. This will cap your framerate to 25/26, as described above.
If you really can't put up with the low framerate, I recommend enabling VSync using your graphics control panel.

" Crash during Sweet & Kendl or Wrong Side of the Tracks"

This issue could be caused by two things.
One cause of this problem could be that the frame limiter is disabled. See Physics act broken / Cutscenes cause crashes / Unable to swim / Driving school is impossible / Unable to move while aiming for more details.
Another cause of this problem could be that you are using more than one monitor. This game has poor support for multi-monitor setups, which causes crashes whenever a car explodes. This makes the game crash during/after the cutscene in the graveyard during Sweet & Kendl and also when the train hits the car parked on the tracks during Wrong Side of the Tracks. There are probably more missions that this problem affects.

Solution A
Enable the frame limiter in the game settings, or enable VSync in your graphics control panel.

Solution B
One way to fix the multi-monitor setup crashes without mods is by just disabling all but your primary monitors. Another is to enable compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) for the game.

"Cannot find 800x600x32 video mode"

Solution 1

First delete the 'gta_sa.set' file in the "User Files" section 
The location is C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files
 Delete it (don't worry, it gets recreated when you start the game). Now start the game from the actual .exe file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\gta-sa.exe).

Solution 2

1. Go to your control panel
2. Go to small icons (up in right corner)
3. Press your graphic cards control panel.
4. Press "resolution"
5. Uncheck only use tv resolution!

Solution 3

First download this tutorial video :

Set the game to run in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 or Windows XP

    Close the game
    Select Settings in the Rockstar Games Launcher
    Select Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from My installed games
    Select Open next to View installation folder
    Right-click on gta_sa.exe in the folder that opens and select Properties
    On the Compatibility tab under Compatibility Mode select Run this program in compatibility mode for
    Choose Window 7 or Windows XP from the drop-down
    Click Apply
    Click OK
    Return to the Rockstar Games Launcher and restart the game

The steps outlined on Microsoft Support for running older programs on Windows 10 may also help.

More errors to be updated ...

Also if you have any other issues launching GTA:SA , post them here , will put the solution as soon as possible .
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Re: GTA:SA Launch errors
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Good job!

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Re: GTA:SA Launch errors
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Nice one!  :afro:
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