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Server Rules
« on: May 30, 2013, 08:59:25 PM »
YoUnG Generation Gaming Server Rules

1. Do not use cheats, hacks or any kind of mod to give you unfair advantages over other players. You are allowed to use only car mods.
2. No racism or offending any religion in anyway.
3. Do not ask about the status of admin. We?ll ask you if you are qualified enough to get it.
4. Do not shoot from the car (driveby) with /autofix activated. Disable it if you want to do driveby.
5. Do not entice people to use the /q or /quit.. It's not funny.
6. No flaming, spamming, flooding or behaving like an asshole.
7.Do not Teleport while you are in Duel.
8.If a player is dueling with you and if you are not interested to duel, you can teleport to other place but you should not shoot them back.
9.Do not take Minigame Weapons out of Minigame areas.
10.Do not hijack other's car while they are exchanging or buying Vehicles.
11.Exchange vehicles only with the presence of a server admin to ensure things are fine. To see online admins use /admins
12.Do not insult the server.
13.No advertisements.
14.Do not use hydra/hunter/rhino/sea sparrow/rc helicopter in spawn areas to kill.
15.Do not use /vr, /autofix, /fix, /repair in middle of duel.
16.Do not Spam the server Chat.
17.Do not use /jetpack in Duels or in Minigames.
18.Do not use /sp and /lp in the middle of duel or for stealing others stuff.
19.Do not try to evade from any Minigames/races etc.
20.Do not ask admins for cookies/biscuits/icecreams/cakes, doing this may result in a punishment, kick or ban. You must earn these by yourself and do not beg for them!
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